Sunday, March 29, 2009

A schedule curve ball?

I had my spring to early summer schedule set in stone or so I thought.

It was to run Chippewa, Stillwater, Swan Lake and Afton, basically a pair of 50k's with a couple of marathons in between spaced about 3-4 weeks apart almost a perfect sequence. Then I was looking around the Marathon Maniacs website and I saw that Maniacs get a discount at a lot of marathons. I skimmed through the list thinking that it was something to remember as I looked to click off future states when what did I see but the Minneapolis Marathon and $1o off. How can I pass up this bargain and even get a jacket which looks to be cool, yes I do like the schwag. Otherwise I have to explain to folks that I pay money to run these events but when they see the shirts or other things they can see it is well worth the entry price and I can see that they are tempted to sign up as well.

And then you add in the fact that occasionally I can get convinced to do something stupid and this might be the perfect storm, money off, a jacket, it doesn't look like it will conflict with a soccer tournament and 2 marathons in a week who can ask for more. Last year I ran two marathons 6 days apart and it didn't kill me or cause significant injury so maybe it's my destiny to do it again and this year there would be 7 days so it's an entirely different situation.

So today when I run longer I will just need to work my way through it, oh decisions, decisions.............

1 comment:

rob horton said...

that jacket for the minneapolis marathon does look like some pretty sweet schwag :)


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