Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Training plan thoughts - a day or so later

As I was thinking more about my training plan and what I wanted to do, I re-read the comment from Matt concerning training and I think he has a great point so as I pondered the run today, what did I do? I went out tonight and got in 4 miles, I would have preferred a longer run but considering the temp was around 15F and there was a nice brisk 17+ mph westerly wind, gusting to 30 mph (windchill ~ -5F or colder depending on gusts) and sleet which thankfully turned to snow, I am happy that I did what I did as it actually turned out to be kind of fun. Not great miles but miles on a day where last week I would have looked outside and said no.

On a different but related note, I saw this post from someone on the ultra list giving advice to someone on doing their first 50, it looks like a great place to start if you want info on Ultrarunning training information. The first two links I have used before but the third one was new (to me) and seemed to have a lot of useful information.

Kevin Sayres' http://www.ultrunr.com is still a good place to start reading.

"UltraRunning" magazine has regular nutrition articles: http://www.ultrarunning.com

Another Web site to distract me:


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