Monday, August 24, 2009

Small world.......

Tonight after running an errand I was heading home coming down 42 and decided to stop at the new Burnsville Run N Fun store. It's just after the 35W/35E junction on 42 heading towards Apple Valley.

I walked in and noticed immediately that it is a really nice store, open, bright, new, plenty of space and a lot of inventory on display. I have posted before about Run N Fun so I won't regurgitate that. Anyway, Perry was working and we talked for a bit and he commented that I probably knew the other sales clerk, I didn't recognize him but he did look familiar and I did recognize the Afton shirt from this year.

Turns out it was Ben Kampf, who won the Afton 25k this year setting a course record (Perry told me it was his first trail race and they had discussed whether he would finish). Turns out he ran in the Rosemount Alumni race, finishing 2nd behind Jordan Carlson. Turns out his girlfriend is Heather Dorniden. I find those three things an interesting coincidence of events based on my last two posts.

We talked for a while including his race at Afton and the race from the previous post, he said he couldn't believe it when he heard that she had fallen and yet came back and won her heat, he also said he was planning on running longer events so I told him he should run Surf the Murph and he said he just might do it, he likes running in Murphy. Then a few more customers came in so I bought what I needed and took off (Steve he did give me the 30% discount, too bad I didn't need shoes).

So if you live south of the river, check out the new Run N Fun store, I plan to frequent it as it sure beats driving to St. Paul.


Londell said...

I will need to look at it if I ever get to run again... I know, I will! Till then, I look forward to kicking your bottom out of my aid station at Surf the Murf!

Rural Runner E said...

I wish I had running stores locally where I could meet other runners and people I admire.


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