Sunday, September 13, 2009

Better day, still hope

Although I didn't run as far as I wanted (16 versus 20), I am still hopeful. I wore my Salomon's and didn't have any real issues until hour 3. I think my feet just swelled up a bit from the heat and my sore toes became an issue. My achilles seemed ok, no hamstring issues and only occasional foot pain. Next weekend I will need to go longer (thinking 22).

I ran the southern section of the Surf the Murph course but I didn't get out there until about 8:30 which allowed me to experience a bit more heat. I ran it counter clockwise and then reversed and ran it clockwise (just the southern section) and really enjoyed it. This is a nice section of the park, except for being a bit open which led me to getting a bit overheated, with all of the prairie grass it is a different running experience. I did notice that it is fairly sandy which leads to a bit harder workout, hopefully it gets a bit packed before Surf the Murph or it will take it's toll more than I would like. All things considered this section is well worth running and is an enjoyable section, markedly different then the northern section.

I do think this was the first weekend in months where the heat was an issue. Could've used this in July. After completing my clockwise loop of the southern section, I headed over to the Northern section for another 5 miles (had planned on 9) but I knew I was right on the edge of trouble between the shoes, the heat and just dealing with a bad run the day before. So I decided to just stop after having to walk more than I would have liked the last 30 minutes. I was just having too many slips and missteps for comfort.

So I will give some thought to shoes but I think the Salomon's will continue to work and my hope is that as the weather cools off and the toes heal up. I will be fine.

Gotta go watch the Bears.

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