Friday, September 18, 2009

Garmin Elevation Maps 3

I exchanged a few notes with Scott concerning my recent posts on elevation maps which resulted in me reading through his blog Run like Monkey. He had a post on his completion of the Superior 50 which caught my attention, great report, and as I finished reading it, I noticed he had a link to Running Ahead where he had posted his Garmin info from his race. I noticed I could grab a "gpx" file from his site and did so and I plotted it in BimActive and sent a summary to Scott. I thought others might find it interesting and with his permission here is my comparison of his data in Running Ahead, BimActive, Garmin Connect and SportTracks

From Running Ahead
A couple of things to note, the elevation +/- and the mileage

From BimActive

Route Name: Superior 50 - SM
Location: Finland, MN
Distance: 52.66 miles
Elevation Avg: 1325 ft
Total Uphill: +7103 ft
Total Downhill: -7257 ft
Elevation Net: -154 ft
Difficulty: 4.5

I was not able to import the "gpx" file into Garmin Connect or SportTracks but I was able to export it from BimActive and then import it, so here is that summary.

Garmin Connect info

Garmin Connect had the mileage at 52.69 miles


To me it looks like all of the elevation plots are similar but the difference in elevation and mileage are worth noting. Here it is summarized in a table.

I will let everyone draw their own conclusions but I still like the way I use SportTracks with BimActive to look at my data. Why? I love the fact that SportTracks tells me how many miles up/flat/downhill I have run and I can import the data direct to it from my Garmin and then sync it to Buckeye. I like BimActive because I think it gives me the most realistic assessment of my elevation and I think it provides the best summary of the data.


Londell said...

Nice job... But as a Mac man, sport tracks is not even a option. I tried ascent but is is not that great. Recently I also looked at Running Ahead with mixed feelings.

Scott said...

I always loved SportTracks, but like Londell am now on a Mac and they don't have an option. I'm thinking about running Parallels, and will definitely use ST again if I do.

I really like the BIM chart, and it seems like BIM and ST must both validate against USGS topo data since they came out similar?

Thanks for helping me analyze my race!


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