Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garmin Elevation Maps

Someone asked about Garmin elevation averages on the mn-drs group recently so I did a quick look at my stats from tonight to satisfy my curiosity. I had posted before about the difference between these but I had never looked at all 4 together for just elevation. I have a Garmin 205 and the run was in Lebanon Hills, around Jensen Lake (the southern loop is open) out to the A frame shelter and back more or less. The updated southern loop is ok, lots of new bridges, they are low to the ground and S shaped. All of the rocks and roots that I have tripped on have been removed or smoothed over :-(. Other than that, I am glad it's open again.

Bim Active:

Elevation Avg: 927 ft
Total Uphill: +344 ft
Total Downhill: -370 ft
Elevation Net: -26 ft

My quick glance at the data says, low of around 910, high of 950+. The minor delta between the start and finish is a by product of shutting my Garmin off before I climbed back up from Jensen Lake. I was about 1/2 up the hill.


Garmin Training Center

Garmin Connect

Interesting differences, Bim Active says it is getting the elevation info from the USGS. Not sure where the other 3 go but it looks like they all go to the same place. I do like the hole I fell into around mile 3 that shows in Garmin and Sport Tracks (no hole or steep down followed by a steep up that I was aware of), notice it doesn't show on Bim.

After looking through this post, I went back and found the email and he referenced Murphy so I grabbed a couple of the plots from Murphy. I just looped around in the Northern section of the park and I did not follow the Surf the Murph course but I did enjoy my wandering around.

Bim Active
Elevation Avg: 935 ft
Total Uphill: +2001 ft
Total Downhill: -2011 ft
Elevation Net: -10 ft


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Londell said...

Try what I did... I ran the exact same course of four miles over 50 times (my regular run from the office) and I never had the same elevation chart, some close but never the same. I think I may find a few of those and put them in BIM to see what it does. I would be interested to see if you rant the exact same loop on a varied number of days to see what happens? I noted when do loops on the same day, the data is pretty close on each loop. Wonder if the solar flares, clouds or other things cause variation?

RunWesty said...

Londell - I will give it a try, the Lebanon Hills loop I ran is one that I run all the time. So give me a few weeks and I will do an elevation comparison.


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