Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surf the Murph pictures and other facts

A few pieces of additional info which I failed to include in my race report.

First I read Kel's report (great job Kel) and she reminded me about the bridge which we all were sliding off of. My thanks to Steve L. who pulled me up.

I am pretty surprised as to what was sore the next day, mainly my shoulders and back. My feet seem fine and my legs are fine. I did take it real easy on Sunday but on Monday I was able to walk the stairs at work with no issues. Today I had planned to get a run in but it didn't work out right after work and then I wimped out going in the rain and the dark. So a few days later all is well and here are a few things about the race some might enjoy.

Imported from BimActive

Route Name: Surf The Murph 2009
Location: --
Distance: 51.34 miles
Elevation Avg: 953 ft
Total Uphill: +4868 ft
Total Downhill: -4868 ft
Elevation Net: +0 ft
Difficulty: 4.5

Elevation (ft.)

Pace by loop per my garmin (as I left the start/finish on each loop)
Loop 1 - 16.01 miles - 3:47:15 - 14:12 min/mile
Loop 2 - 32.06 miles - 7:54:55 (loop 2 time = 4:07:40 - 15:26 min/mile)
Loop 3 - 48.22 miles - 12:39:19 (loop 3 time = 4:44:24 - 17:36 min/mile)
Loop 4 - 51.34 miles - 13:40:36 (loop 2 time = 1:01:17 - 19:39 min/mile)

Pretty easy to see how I ran out of gas as the fueling issues and the pain increased. When I looked at my mile splits I was where I wanted to be up through mile 44. Now the last 6 miles, I believe the best way to describe them is as "a walk in the park". I think my training worked out except the longest back to back mileage days on a weekend oddly enough was 42 miles, pretty much where I tanked. I may want to push an extra 6 miles out on a few weekends and see if that helps next time. I also have to admit I was fairly freaked out during loop 2 as I was afraid of what I would experience in loop 3. Once in loop 3, I was afraid if I would be able to walk the next day. Now that I know what to expect, I think I can push it a lot more in loop 3 and a bit more in loop 2 especially if I get the fueling working a bit better.

One last thing, although I thought I was on the verge of dehydration at times, when I got home I weighed myself and I was only a pound down so I think I did get myself rehydrated with the slow down in loop 3.

I also wish I had a camera with me to take a few picture out on the course. Maybe next time I will have one to take with me but here are a few my wife took during the race.

Wayne and myself coming in with loop 2 almost complete.

Me after I stooped to talk with my family, feeling good still but if you look close you can almost read my mind and based off of the look on my face it probably was "I can't believe I have one more lap".

Wayne and me coming into the finish

At the finish, yes I was happy to smile and I felt better than I expected but I was tired.

Ok, maybe I wasn't doing that good after all, feel free to laugh at me for this picture but I couldn't resist posting it. I could not believe how hungry I was when I got done nor could I believe that I ate pizza. It normally takes me a few hours to be able to eat after a race.

I still know I am forgetting a few things but that's it for now.


wildknits said...

Nice reports! And good to meet you - and your wife!

I may have a picture or two to throw your way from those I took at the race. Finishing line stuff mostly - I think.

Wayne said...

Hey, when's the last time you finished a race with a nice 7 mile cool-down?? :) I figure that plays into being able to eat and also not being so sore the next day. Gotta like the tired picture - but you *should* be tired after running 50 miles!

Kel said...

I usually can't eat solid food for an hour or two after a run either, but I was STARVING on that last short loop!

Thanks for posting your splits - my Garmin died after 10 hours, so I didn't get all of my race data. I figured that we actually ran a tad over 51 miles ;)

Anonymous said...

Outstanding day for a run. I missed the first little loop cutoff so lost the group Les did say I could make it up at the end but I went into it with a sore tendon and it started getting much worse at 28 miles so I went home after 32 miles They were nice enough to give me a 50k finish. Next time im running behind you guys so i dont get lost Steve L

SteveQ said...

I love the exhausted photo.

Great race! You might think you slowed way down at the end, but your paces look pretty typical to me.

Rick said...

Your write ups are great! Congrats on the 50! It was great to meet you out on the course.

You need to frame that pic at the end of loop 2! It's super!

Rick B

RunWesty said...

Thanks all for the great comments.


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