Sunday, November 8, 2009

What next?

Now that is the question, what am I doing or training for next?

My first 50 is complete and the next race that I have signed up for is the Chippewa Moraine 50k but it's not until April 24th, just 166 days and a long, cold, dark Minnesota winter away (you can see that winter is not my favorite time of year :-). I know that if I my training focus is only on Chippewa I will drift aimlessly towards it and then sometime after January 1st, I will actually start the training. As I usually respond to the panic of an approaching race by getting out the door despite the fact that I don't like to run longer in the cold. You see, I know if I don't get out well then Chippewa will be a longer day than I would like and this year I want Chippewa to be fun, no dehydration, to have no snow and yes this year I want a PR. What this panic training does instead is it leads to a plan that will get me through the distance but I may or may not have time to improve as I am way too busy re-building my base. I could also just forget about running and do cross training like XC skiing, snowshoeing or do indoor training (boring) but I know that these although occasionally enjoyable don't really get me out the door or into working out on any kind of regular basis.

So I have decided on a different approach, I have added a second countdown except this is to the next race that I am simply thinking about. Which for me is the Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run 50k. I ran it last year with Wayne and Les and I had a blast slipping and sliding around that wonderful Kansas mud so I wouldn't mind doing it again. It is on February 13th and is 96 days away. Now with that on my calendar I can focus on it and if it doesn't work out, no loss. Regardless, it will simply help me get out the door which will help me maintain my base and that will get me to Chippewa faster, lighter and if nothing else it will help make the time of winter pass.


Kel said...

I've been ponderin' my next "big thing" lately too - still undecided. In the mean time, I just got back from a weightlifting session in the gym :)

Are you going to the UMTR party next Saturday? That will give you a chance to bounce some ideas around. I also just noticed that the UMTR has added a snowshoe series for the winter. Hmmmm...

Londell said...

Psycho is a blast!!! Hope to see you Saturday!

Mike said...

Kel - glad to see I am not alone with the what next? Not planning on going to the UMTR party and I am hoping for no snow all winter so I don't have to use my snowshoes, otherwise I might have to look into doing a couple of the series.

Londell - probably not, you know if you start training soon, you could go for Psycho as well and you can always just do 1 or 2 loops.

Chad said...

That does sounds like a good plan. Anything that keeps you training through those cold months is a pretty sound idea.

nwgdc said...

I'm in a bit of a limbo holding pattern also...with Chippewa on the schedule. You're the second person now (Helen was 1st) to mention Psycho Wyco. Cheap flight, only positive feedback, new event for me. Hmmm.
It's always interesting, these winter months up here!


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