Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year Summary

Well, I had to do it, a look back on a year full of ups and downs. I started the year with the following goals:

2009 Goals:
  • Get Healthy and Stay there
  • Run 1500 miles (stretch is 1800 miles)
  • Improve on month to month consistency
  • More miles per month in 09 than 08
  • Get Stronger - Core workout 3 days/week
  • Add 4 more states
  • Run a 50 miler
2009 Ups:
  • Completed 2 50k's
  • Completed 1 marathon
  • Added in 2 states (got me to 10 so I can join the 50 state groups)
  • Ran a Turkey Day 10k with my wife
  • Ran many runs with my wife
  • Completed the Turtle Trot Triathlon with a PR
  • Had 3 months with a new high for peak mileage for the month
  • Had 3 months with the second highest peak mileage for the month
  • Had 4 months with the third highest peak mileage for the month
  • So for 10 of 12 months I improved my month to month consistency (a 2009 goal)
  • Set an all time high for mileage in a month
  • Ran more miles in a year than ever before which means more in 2009 than 2008 (a 2009 goal)
  • Actually DNF'd a race because of an injury in order to get healthy for another race
  • Ran and completed my first 50
  • Ended the year without injury ( a 2009 goal)
  • Made many new friends in the ultra community

2009 Downs:
  • Didn't add 4 states to my tally (a 2009 goal) - only 2 states but my first 50
  • Dropped out of Afton because of an injury - a good choice
  • Tanked my mileage in December - weather, work, lesson learned, 2010 goal
  • Missed my 1500 mile goal (a 2009 goal) - ran 1498, a future post will explain
  • Stronger core (a 2009 goal) - did a little but no consistency
  • Ran my last Chippewa? - race canceled, a bummer
So all in all a good year with a lot more ups than downs and with that here are a few goals for the new year:

2010 Goals
  • Run 1500 miles
  • Beat December
  • Complete Afton 50k
  • Stay healthy
  • Add 3 states
  • Run a race on the Superior trail
  • Improved core and fitness
  • Run another 50?
Happy New Year.....................................................


Londell said...

I think the year sounds like a success... And what is the question mark for run another 50. I figured that is a given and the 100 had a question mark?

crossn81 said...

I might borrow some of your goals. I like them.

Happy New Year!

Albert said...

Congrats on all you accomplished in 09 and good luck with your new goals. Looks like a good list.

I'll be following.


chris mcpeake said...

Great year!
good luck in 2010

Karen G said...

You had a good year and will have an even better one this year. Nice race list for this year. I did land btwn the lakes and Ncnaughton last year and liked them both a lot.


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