Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally got out into the cold

It took a while but I finally made my way out to experience some cold weather.

Now my procrastination did pay off a bit, it was 5F when I went out today at lunch for an easy 5 miler. Since there was no wind it felt warmer and I have to admit that it felt real good. What have I been waiting for? I definitely needed the stress break from work and I need to get back into a running pattern so the training for the 2010 racing season officially began today.

I have pretty much locked into to doing Trail Mix 50k. Its not one of my favorite runs as it is a four loop course and I can say I would prefer a point to point or an out and back or a 2 loop course or a 3 loop course but what the heck, it's local, well supported and not that hard of a course. Karyn and I have been looking at many other events and at this point the schedule is pretty wide open. We are thinking to focus locally and then throw in a few out of town races. If all goes well, maybe 2 states and a couple of 50 milers and a handful of 50k's and marathons. So here are the current thoughts:

Trail Mix - Sat 4/17 - 25k/50k - 90%
Lincoln, NE - Sun 5/2 - Marathon & 1/2 - 25%
Journeys, WI - Sat 5/8 - Marathon and 1/2 - 63%
Superior Trail - Sat 5/15 - Lutsen - 25k/50k - 30% (Or the Superior 50, can't do both)
Rockford, IL - Sun 5/16 - Marathon & 1/2 - 25%
FANS 12hr - Sat 6/6 - 60%
Afton 50k - Sat 7/3 - 95%
Turtle Trot Triathlon - Sat 7/17 - 100%
Grand Island, MI - Sat 8/1 - Marathon & 1/2 - 10%
Superior 50 - Sat 9/11 - 50M - 70%
Rock Cut 50k, IL - Sun 9/19 - 50k - 30%
Surf the Murph - Sat 10/23? - 50k/50M - 99%

Stay tuned, as my guess is that it will change pretty quickly and often.


nwgdc said...

I ran the Journeys Marathon last year and really enjoyed it! Low key, good volunteers, decent course. The first half of the marathon (it's a point to point) is rolling and very pretty. The second half isn't as nice, but all the half marathoners you see are great! When I went up I stayed at a cabin on Duck Lake (I think that was the name) and it was GREAT! Great lodging options up there!

Wayne said...

I'm playing catch-up here: nice job in 2009!! You had good goals, were smart about training and injuries, and accomplished a lot - 2010 should be great too. Way to get back to it in the cold - getting back to our Thur runs should help with that. Let's road trip to McNaughton. And your 63% cracked me up. :)

Mike said...

Nic - thanks for the comment on Journeys, I think we will go for it. I have always wanted to run it, it just never worked out before.

Wayne - thanks for the encouragement, we will have to see about McNaughton as it gets closer, I would say McNaughton's at about a 13% probability. See you next Thursday.

Albert said...

Thanks for the comments on the blog. Yes, it's boys and girls. I do have an asst. coach who is female who will assist with the girls. Looking forward to talking with you soon.



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