Monday, January 25, 2010

It's back

Great news - Chippewa is back on the race calendar, I just got the email from mn-drs group (Minnesota Dead Runners Society)

Chippewa 50k info

The cost is a little bit higher and the date is 2 weeks earlier, I am guessing Wynn forgot to mention what happened the first year to the new race director (Jeff at Vacation Sports). They also are having a 10k race for the first time.

So I think I may have to update my plans and push McNaughton out for another year or two. I also think I just discovered my race to motivate me to get out the door. Yes.


Londell said...

Yea but the same weekend as Zumbro who will have most of the volunteers as we are loyal to the King, Larry....

Mike said...

You are right, that is too bad to have a conflict with Zumbro. I liked the 24th better plus less chance of snow :-).

Wayne said...

I'm bummed about the Chippewa date - my plan was hopefully McNaughton with volunteering at Zumbro as plan B. I think that's still my plan.

I'll keep bugging you about McNaughton but if you've found the motivation you need to get out the door that's great! :)

Mike said...

I had volunteering at Zumbro as plan A, McNaughton Plan B. So this throws me a curve as well. I wonder why they didn't hold to the 24th?


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