Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buckeye Outdoors meets Garmin

I have used Buckeye Outdoors for my official on-line running log to track my mileage for a while now. I started using it when I found out I could sync it with my Ipod Nano from the Nike site. Then I got my Garmin and I started using SportTracks which had a plug-in that allowed me to continue to sync with Buckeye. So that gave me two logs, one on-line and one on my PC which has worked out well, actually three as I still keep a paper version too.

Now I have a dilemma, they just updated Buckeye and I can now sync directly to it which is great but I still like SportTracks. So for the moment I will continue to do both and use the link in SportTracks but if you want an on-line log, take a look at Buckeye. Oh by the way, if you use say that Apple brand of computer then maybe this new interface would work for you since I know that SportTracks did not.

On a different note, someone at work asked me about this weekends run and I told him that I was really looking forward to it and he asked why? I said because it will be fun and he asked why? I said you don't understand, he said you are right I don't and I never will. He then said, if you ever figure out why you are doing this, please let him know. So I guess I have another task, figure out the why of why I do this. So while at McNaughton, I will give this a bit of thought and I should come up with an interesting list, I just hope I can remember it afterward.

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TCHusker - Nate said...

Google search running and endorphins and read the runner's high section on the endorphin entry on Wikipedia. Also, there are studies that suggest a cognitive benefit to running outdoors, especially in a natural setting.

However, why we love running is still something hard to grasp for a non-runner. It's something you have to experience.


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