Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was reflecting back on McNaughton once again and got to thinking about about the runner who went to the hospital after finishing the 100.

My question is when do you cross the line that a Did Nothing Fatal (DNF) as in dropped out or slowing down and not meeting a time goal gets lost and you end up moving into the Going to Hospital (GTH) even with a finish domain? How would I know I was crossing the line between the options? Said differently, will I know? I hope so.

I have dropped out of one race when I was throwing up from probable dehydration, I have finished 2 or 3 races and then started throwing up. Yes I am sure I have gone into races, water overloaded, under trained, with false time expectations, made poor race day adjustments and countless other mistakes, errors and screw-ups and even once or twice with a good plan that worked but for the most part I have always been in control, at least I think I have. The question remains will I be able to adjust and adapt if I really get myself in trouble?

Great question for me to file away, I hope to never test myself to this point, finishing a race is not worth my health. I run for enjoyment and to push myself but I need to always remember that famous quote from Forrest "Stupid is as stupid does" and hopefully keep from living it. I do know that a DNF or a GTH are never in my plans but my guess is that if I ask the runner from McNaughton he would tell me the same thing. Yet another thing to ponder for the future.

When I was looking up my Forrest quote I came across this video and found it kind of entertaining as well. Enjoy.

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