Sunday, April 18, 2010

McNaughton Reflection

When you finish a project it's always useful to step back and analyze what worked and what didn't, so while it is still somewhat fresh in my minds here is my self-review.

What worked?
  1. Used some common sense. after I had the initial achilles/calf pain, I didn't keep pushing for a time goal. Instead, I assessed and proceeded somewhat carefully and it appears as a result that I have no major issues post race. My calf/achilles junction is tender when pushed on or rubbed but I ran yesterday and had no pain. Some awareness yes, now I wasn't stupid as I didn't try to sprint up the hills, I either stayed up on my toes or simply walked so I am sure that helped a bit. So with a bit of massage using the stick, I think this will go away fairly quickly.
  2. When I thought of quitting, I called my wife who gave me another option and reminded me why I was there. Reminder, always remember what you are there to accomplish. For this race it was to finish a race in Illinois within the time limit.
  3. I found that I can power walk for an extended period and not lose as much time (2 to 3 minutes/mile) and that it does extend my energy, I think.
  4. I tried Heed and I was able to drink it, that may bode well for future races.
  5. Camping right at the start/finish on a loop course is great as you know if you forgot something you will be back in a few hours.
  6. Eating right at camp, my thanks to Karen who brought (and made) spaghetti for us (including meatballs both meat and vegan) and for Wayne who supplied desert (Chocolate covered peeps) and bread. This made for a relaxing evening before the race.
  7. Clothes and my Nathan - mostly ok, might have wanted a sleeveless shirt but no issues of note. The Nathan is great for carrying extra bottles and food as well as my trash when I carried stuff beyond an aid station trash bag.
  8. Kept moving (at least after I chose to continue), I was not willing to stop as I knew if I did so again, I might not resume.
  9. Having friends to encourage each other.
  10. Running on a course that I have never seen before kept my interest high for the first few loops. So this confirms my thinking for Superior, no need to see it before, I will instead choose to experience it. You can remind me of how dumb that is later :-)
  11. I enjoyed myself despite the day not going as planned.
  12. I finished

What didn't work?
  1. My thoughts on fueling, I wanted to try and eat more but I had no real plan. So I need to actually have a plan next time. I went into the aid stations and basically grazed, of course I didn't look to eat until after 1 1/2 hours and by then my hands were swollen and my stomach didn't want to eat. When I had energy I could run or power walk with authority, when the energy was gone, the ability to run and power walk was also gone. After some heed, I would usually get some energy back for a short time but it wouldn't last. Need to keep the energy tank from hitting bottom.
  2. My shoes - maybe changed once too often, is it better to have space or not, I went to my largest shoes for the last 20 miles, did the extra space actually cause the blister or didn't it matter as I had a hot spot for 15 miles or anyway?
  3. My main Ipod's battery was dead when we got there, I must have turned it on somehow while it was in my pack. Good news was that I brought a back-up except it didn't have the same podcasts and music which of course meant I wanted the stuff on the one that had died.
  4. Forgetting my sleeping mat but Wayne saved me by having one that I could borrow. Other than that I didn't really forget anything else.
  5. My socks and shoes together - major blister so I think I need to try Les's method - he had a Vaseline/? ointment that he rubbed onto his feet before a race and he said he had no blisters ever since.
  6. S-Caps and fluid intake - I may have needed more S-caps and fluids than I took in or I may have needed more fluids and the S-Caps were right or I may have needed more S-Caps and the fluid was right or ? I think it's back to Karl's website for a review
  7. Training - I think I came in without enough base, I am not sure that hurt me physically but I think it did a bit mentally. Got to believe that my body is capable of doing more than I think.
  8. Running with friends, I still need to get used to doing this. I am so used to running alone that I am need to work on this. Said another way, can I use other runners to help me through the hard times, my tendency is to separate and work on it alone, sometimes this works, many times it does not.
What's next?
  1. Read up on sodium and hydration (yes again), plan to be disciplined (pay attention to S-Cap and water intake) at Lincoln and then take the info into FANS and see if it works.
  2. Find Les's formula before Lincoln
  3. Develop a plan on fueling other than thinking about and then winging it.
  4. Develop a training plan that helps get the mileage in and also add in at least one short distance speed workout every 2 weeks. Remember to not overdue it and end up injured. I should consider doing an occasional long power walk and see how long can I go and how my energy holds on (only problem is that it hurts my ego bit :-).
  5. Sign-up for my other races for the summer - FANs, Afton and Superior, keep thinking about fall races like TCM or Wild Duluth?
  6. Enjoy the Lincoln Marathon running with my wife and click off Nebraska.

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wildknits said...

Fall Races: Wild Duluth of course ;->

Great analysis of what worked, what didn't, etc. Gives me something to think about as I work towards my first 50 this summer.


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