Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fargo is a go.......

We have been waiting to see if the IT Band issue that Karyn aggravated at Lincoln had subsided sufficiently to do Fargo. We ran a final test run together today on the Cannon Valley Bike trail, it was a really nice day which meant too many bikes around us but the good news is that she didn't have issues so we have signed up. It didn't hurt that as we drove home I had a running podcast playing where they were interviewing Jeff Galloway and he said how he felt running 26 to 28 miles 3 to 4 weeks ahead of your marathon is the best way to be ready for a marathon.

What is going to be really nice about Fargo is where we are staying. When Karyn called for a hotel a couple weeks back, all the ones in the area were booked. She checked out places to camp, nothing looked too promising and then she noticed that they had places on campus to stay. Here is the way they phrased it on the Fargo website, "The Living Learning Center West, an apartment style residence built in 2008, will be available for marathon weekend." So she called up the NDSU (North Dakota State University) Living Learning Center and they said they had an apartment about 2 1/2 blocks from the start line. It has it's own bathroom, kitchen and it is just $50. Not quite as close as I was at McNaughton to the start line but then again running water and a normal bathroom will probably be worth the 2 1/2 block walk.

I ran the marathon a couple years ago and outside of the 40 mph wind, I really enjoyed their marathon, on that day Karyn ran the 1/2 marathon and I think she felt pretty much as I did, take away the wind and it was a first class event. Heck it was that even with the wind. We did learn by the time we left Fargo to open our car doors one at a time as when we first got there and we both opened our doors, everything that was loose was blown right out of the car. Besides the wind, one other thing I didn't like was the crowd at the start line, they had a 5k race starting after the marathon and 1/2 marathon and it was packed. We didn't have any real issues but the crowd was a bit much for me. I also didn't like to start with the 1/2 marathoners and sure enough they have fixed that as the marathoners start separately from the 1/2 marathoners. They have added a 10k to marathon day and moved the 5k to Friday night. This should make it a bit more peaceful (less crowded :-) at the start line. Ok, I should probably go ahead and whine a bit about the start time, they have the 10k race starting at 7:00 AM, the 1/2 at 7:30 and the marathon at 8:00, I would like to see those reversed as if it gets hot, we will be out there in it for an extra hour.

So the plan will be to head up Friday, pick up the packets, eat some spaghetti, oh did I mention that they are having Dean Karnazes talk at the event. Sweet, I am a fan, yes I know some are not but I am. His book was an inspiration to me to even imagine what it might be like to do longer events. It also allowed me to be ok with myself for being maybe a little different than some for wanting to do so. They also are having another person talk who I think will be pretty inspirational as well, her name is Kathleen Wrigley and she is running Fargo after recovering from her 2nd brain surgery for an Aneurysm. I was feeling sorry for myself a week or so back and after reading her blog, you know what, I got over that real fast.

So if all goes as planned and we have a good day, Karyn will get her PR and I will get to help her get it. If it doesn't happen since sometimes things do go wrong in a marathon, we will have fun.

Last, here is the weather forecast for Fargo for next Saturday, A blend of sun and clouds with a high of 75, low of 59, wind N at 11 with gusts to 34 mph. Guess I maybe should have checked that out before we signed up :-) and what was I saying earlier about the start time, well, if nothing else we will have fun.

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Londell said...

Have a great time at my Alma mater and the race. That was my first ever marathon in 1984 although I think it has changes since then? Although, you already have North Dakota? Is there another attraction?


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