Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What am I thinking?

Well I went and did it again, what's that you ask? I went and signed up for another road marathon. Which state am I going for, nope not a state I need but just the Twin Cities Marathon, you know the most beautiful urban marathon in America.

Why, now that is the question, two reasons, no make that three. First, I dropped out of my last TCM (in 2005), so redemption is cause one. I have mentioned it before but since it still sticks in my craw, it's the only year since 93 that I did not finish a marathon, to drop at mile 22, dang it, I should have finished if only I had given that a thought. Two, my work has signed up a corporate team and I was feeling the peer pressure. Even though I told them I would be of no help, I finally decided to give in but not simply to the peer pressure even though they kept saying it's just a marathon for you that should be no big deal. I of course somewhat agreed except I would add it's just me and 10,000 associates, packed together from the Metrodome along 26.2 miles of pavement, blocking people's driveways and paying $106.25 for the privilege to do it. I told them I can think of many other places I might want to be, so why did I give in?

Well, I remember a couple years ago running in Murphy on TCM morning in a nice rain storm sheltered amongst the trees running up and down the hills and thinking what a great place to be, me, some deer and turkeys, peace, quiet and tranquility. I kept thinking as the rain picked up of the poor marathoners getting drenched, about the volunteers and the spectators dealing with the weather as well. Anyway I was happy reflecting back and was thinking I might just do the same thing this year. Then it hit me, reason 3, it's a perfect long training run between Superior and Surf the Murph (or Wild Duluth) and I knew I would push myself maybe a bit more at the race so I went ahead and signed up. Yes, I could have done Murphy and relaxed but instead I will do TCM and probably end up getting stressed but I will work between now and then to keep it all in perspective.

Now about Fargo, it will be another good test of my hydration/S-Caps experiment and our ability to deal with what Mother Nature throws our way as the latest forecast is:

Windy and warm with a blend of sun and clouds - High of 79, Low of 58 with the wind coming out of the southeast at 19 mph with Gusts to 49 mph. You have to be kidding me, what the heck is it like to run into a 49 mph gust, oh yeah, I remember now, that's almost what it was like when I last ran Fargo except then the gusts peaked out at 40 mph, here is a link to that post if you want to migrate backwards in time, to a race that I think I would just as soon forget.

One last thing, I checked the Running Hope website and although there is no route posted, I think they might be giving us a clue as they list it as "MAPLE GROVE / MINNEAPOLIS", looks like if I do it I will be heading north.


joven said...

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Psyche said...

Good luck Saturday. Relax and have fun! Looking forward to the report.


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