Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Superior Thoughts

I have had a couple days to reflect on my Superior 50 attempt and I have had no real second thoughts other than it would be a really good event to hit in very good shape and healthy.

I was surprised the day after when Karyn and I walked around Temperance River State Park and I had problems walking without pain. We were checking out other campsites for a future trip and walking up a slight incline really bugged my ankle. Here are a couple pictures that Karyn took from the park while we walked around.

Monday at work I hobbled around on it so I may have done a little more damage than I had thought. I remember when I did it I heard a sound but I ignored the sound and assumed I had just rolled and ran through it, I think this was around 2 or 3 miles into the race. It was shortly after that though that I started having left calf cramping issues (it was my right ankle I injured) and not too long after that my back really started getting sore. I ran on for another 9 or 10 miles and then it seemed like I wasn't capable of pushing off with either leg and felt like a really old man (I think I may have proven Steve Q's recent post on injuries (yet again) - see section 3). I remember right after the race that my back was hurting more than anything else except for maybe my pride. I should add that even if I hadn't had these issues, I was in trouble on this trail with my lack of solid training but I think I might have at least made it to the next cutoff. Today the ankle still aches but I think it was a little better when I was walking or going up or down stairs, it still hurts but maybe not as bad (the ankle seems stable, it is swollen on the upper outside of the ankle near my achilles) so I decided to take another day off of running.

At this time, I am thinking that TCM would be a bad idea. As to Surf the Murph, I will be doing it but the distance is a tbd. I do not think it would be wise to do 50 miles and I don't think the 25k would be enough of a challenge so maybe the 50k would be just right. Once I am running again, I will decide.

As to future endeavors on the Superior Hiking Trail, I see a couple of possibilities, no make that three. One - come back next year and run the Moose Mt. Marathon - that way I see the section of the course I missed. Two - run the spring 50k that way I see a large part of the trail that I missed and then go for the Superior 50 again in the fall. Three - give up on running this trail but that isn't like me, so I think I am hooked to give it another go or I could just sign up for the 100 :-), just kidding.

Other post Superior thoughts, yup the normal ones, lose weight, train harder, cross train some, run up hills, run down hills, run faster, run longer and last to get and stay healthy. I think if I do most of these things between now and next year the Superior 50 will be back on the schedule. If I don't please remind me of this post as it would be stupid to try and do it, then again, I am fairly good at stupid.


wildknits said...

Heal up! Ankle stuff can take awhile but I hear that gently movement actually aids healing.

Steve's post was pretty timely ;->

The SHT is addictive, but takes some specific training to get the mind and body ready for the roots, rocks (and this year mud).

mizuno wave said...

That looks awesome! I really like it! More power to you and God bless!

SteveQ said...

It's really hard to not do a race you've signed up for (or trained to do for months), but once you start, it's impossible to not go for it. Sometimes little aches and pains go away during a run and you always hope that's going to happen.

Heal up. Your list of things to do to get ready is pretty long; best to work on one thing at a time.

zbsports said...

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