Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I like it when things come together in such a way that even I can't ignore them. On Tuesday, four things happened that should help me to start working towards a new goal. What were the items?
  1. Work wasn't fun, I needed a run to relieve stress but I didn't feel like running on the ankle
  2. Diet, eating, weight, lack of normal exercise and stress release, all point to the fact that I need to change something
  3. My wife points out that I need to get over it, accept that I am injured and do something else
  4. Email from Wayne about what defines an ultrarunner from the ultralist
someone asked this on the ULTRA list and here's part of one person's answer:
I think that a true ultrarunner is not necessarily one who has run
an ultra once
or twice and decided that was it, but rather someone who
continues to return
time after time and in the face of adversity (maybe it's
a string of DNFs, doubts
of others, doubts of oneself, etc.).

ultrarunner is a stubbourn beast, for better or for worse :)

So what does it all mean, it means that I have to admit (at least to myself), that I may occasionally be a little stubborn and yes, I have had a couple of DNF's with a bit of some self doubt thrown in but I am not sure any of that makes me an ultrarunner.

I have tried to run through the ankle injury for almost 3 months and it isn't yet healthy so maybe I need to evaluate my approach. By trying to run through it and not cross training and/or modifying my diet, my weight has crept up and my frustration has grown. So starting today, I am going to work on another new plan.

So here it is -

Go forward strategy
1. Define the diet and follow it
2. Develop a cross training plan and start to cross train immediately
3. Accept that you are not just a trail runner or a runner
4. I should post about my future plans and occasionally provide updates on my progress

With regards to cross training, I am notoriously bad but I have options. From home, I can ride a stationary bike, free weights, dust off the old XC ski machine, stair stepper or even do incline walking on our treadmill. At work, we have elliptical trainers, bikes, weights and probably more options. All I need to do is map out the plan and then of course follow it.

So how do I mix in a running goal, real simple. Assume that I will need until Christmas for my ankle to be healthy. So with that in mind, I will pick my next race goal with enough time to train to become a runner again. Again, I should create a plan to get there. I would like to go for Potawatomi 50 down in Illinois on Sat 4/9th, that would mean get up to 50 mile distance in 15 weeks, not sure that makes sense but it isn't impossible it would just take some focus and a little luck. Option 2 would be Chippewa on April 23rd, 17 weeks to a 50k, much more reasonable, of course doing both could work too.

Time to start working on the plans.

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wildknits said...

Ah.... like the title and how it all came together. Sometimes the universe really, really has to work to get our attention. It's agents can be "interesting".

You have a lot of options for cross training! I am hoping this early snow keeps up and that a good xc year is in my future.


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