Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Wintery-Fall day

I love running on days like today, ~30F with freezing rain. Although, since I didn't have it today as a runner, I stopped often and took a few pictures with my phone (sorry about the quality), there is nothing like Lebanon Hills on a day like today. It's why I love my trails, my body wasn't into the run but my mind took it all in and I felt peace and enjoyed the beauty of nature.

A few screws in the shoes provide some traction

Some sections were snow covered

Some sections were clear

Some were a little of both

The water is still moving in the creeks

Looking back across Jensen lake on the return

The bridges were tricky, icy and awkward footing

Soon winter will overtake Lebanon Hills and we will enjoy our fourth season of the year. For today though, I got to enjoy a reprieve and I have to admit it does my heart and mind good to still see the ground in late November.


wildknits said...

It was a good day to run. Glad you got out there. Lebanon Hills is one of my favorite places to run down in the Cities.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks so much!


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