Sunday, August 7, 2011

Odds and Ends

I was able to get through the 25k loop at Afton this weekend. I ran with Wayne and Karen and am surprised that I made it through. We ran the loop backwards and there were times where I felt really good and times I felt pretty bad. So all in all a normal longish run and for me completely pain free from my long plaguing injuries. I wore my calf sleeves which I think helped protect the calf  both internally and externally as the snowshoe section was a bit thick in places. By the end of the run, my hamstring had gotten tight and I was very close to cramping up everywhere but I think that was nothing more than the distance combined with the heat.

I ran today and was very sore in mile 1, less sore in mile 2 and felt good in mile 3 and was able to even push it a bit. For the week I ended up getting in over 30 miles, the first time for that since McNaughton.

Now I just need to find some fall races to sign up for to get me to Surf the Murph where I am planning on running the 50k. I thought I would be running the 13.1 Minneapolis as I received the email about a free entry but alas I have heard nothing back. She probably read through my blog and figured out that I am not worth giving an entry to :-). Giving my desire to do the 50k at STM, I would love to find a marathon in late September or early October not too far from home.

The goal for this week is to continue to get in my runs and have another 30+ mile week.

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Londell said...

Whistlestop - great road trip and easy...


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