Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quote to ponder

“Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality-in your own mind.”
- Bruce Lee

Taken from He's fit - 1/27/08

This quote got me thinking about the two marathons that I dropped from. Were the dropouts a defeat or acceptable decisions?

I think in the case of my first marathon drop, I would say no, I was not defeated that day. I just avoided being stupid and injuring myself further. I was running TCM on a sore foot and 8 weeks or so after knee surgery. It turned out when I get the foot diagnosed that I had a torn ligament.

On the second one, was I defeated because of my thoughts or did I make the right decision? I was throwing up at mile 22 and had been battling the stomach cramps for 10+ miles. I could have walked in but chose not to. I had endured more in other marathons and had battled cramps longer in past marathons. I will need to continue to ponder this one for a while longer as I am not sure........

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