Saturday, February 2, 2008

A plan is forming

Well, it seems as if the marathons for the year are starting to take shape.

First some good news, I ran back to back days for the first time since October with only some pain. The knee is tender but I am still walking, the plan will be to go for three days in a row tomorrow and then take a day off. I am being careful about icing and stretching and hopefully the combination will work. I am slow but hopefully some speed will come back if I can keep it up. I am trying not to push as we have some plans coming together for this year.

Karyn is planning our trip out west, I am planning on ramping for Fargo. If all holds together (body) and a few other things work out (finances) then I am thinking I can get in somewhere between 4-6 marathons for the year plus a 50k. So here is what the year is looking like:

May 17th: Fargo Marathon (ND)
June 8th: Swan Lake Marathon (SD)
June 14th: Marathon to Maration (IA)
July 5th: Afton 50k
August 10th: Haulin Aspen Marathon (OR)
August 16th: Grizzly Marathon (MT)
then maybe
September 28th: Quad Cities
then if not Marathon 2 Marathon how about
October 19th: Des Moines Marathon (IA)
then ????????????????

Ok, this is an aggressive plan. Well it might be, but it does look like fun. I am starting to gain more respect for the 50 stater's, it does take a bit of planing and some flexibility in training. The two western marathons will be interesting, let's see no training in altitude, 2 marathons in 6 days. I am not sure if I can do it which is exactly why I want to try.

Now I need to stay motivated, healthy and do the training.....................

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