Sunday, February 10, 2008

Plans are coming together

The plans for the western vacation are progressing. I think we will be going so it's going to be two marathons in a week. I am excited by the prospect as today as I am not sure that I can do two in a week. That is why I love running marathons, it's pushing to take on something that I don't know if I can do. You know that the sequence will go like this.

1. Plan (to do something you aren't sure you can)
2. Sign-up for the races (money is on the line)
3. Tell friends (now you have to do it)
4. Train for it (gain confidence in your plan)
5. Get to the start line (now enjoy the experience)

The worse I will do on the two in a week is fail to finish. I have no time goals for these so all I got to do is get to the start line and then to enjoy the day.

It's a little like today, do I run? The knee is sore from yesterday, it is -6F with a 15 mph wind, making the temp feel around -25F. I know if I get dressed to go I will get a run in. I know if all I do is think about it I won't. It's all about starting out and seeing what happens.

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