Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

I have given some thought to the movie "Spirit of the Marathon" and decided to jot down some of them.

1. I will never run Chicago, too many runners but what a really cool view of the start.
2. Chicago looks like it would be a good course to run with even better fan support than TCM, wow.
3. Running a marathon with one of my daughters would be a neat experience.
4. Newbie runners are entertaining and say the darndest things.
5. Slow runners have more fun but would love to go fast, fast runners can't comprehend going slow.
6. Deana Kastor rocks and her training routine while injured was impressive.
7. I may not want to do Boston, too many runners their too.
8. Listening to runners talk about their races, training, etc... makes me feel like I belong as they sound like me.
9. The audience for the movie resembled Duluth during Grandma's week.

What a great movie to motivate any runner that has forgotten why we run.

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