Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running podcasts, Dave Ramsey. and Sunday sermons.......

What do running podcasts, Dave Ramsey and Sunday sermons have in common?

I listen to them on my long runs, I used to listen to music but after a few hours I would rip the headphones off and continue as they always bugged me. A few months back, I was listening to a Running with the Pack podcast (at home) and one of the hosts mentioned running with music or listening to podcasts while running. If I remember right, he basically said music good, podcast bad. I thought music bad, maybe podcast good?

Well the next day I had a long run and I decided to try the podcast route. Of course it took me a while to figure out how to get my Ipod to play multiple podcasts, which as an engineer was a bit irritating . I had to google it. I would love to intertwine music with podcasts but haven't figured that out, maybe another google effort as I am sure it has been done.

Anyway, I loaded up the Ipod with a variety of stuff and headed out.

I listened to Pheddipidations, Running with the Reaper, Confessions of a Runner, Running in the center of the universe, Zenrunner, Dr. Monte, Dave Ramsey, Pastor Per, NPR Car Talk Endurance Planet and a variety of others (on finances, cars, home repair, politics, religion, da Bears, running and more). Ok, the first time I didn't listen to them all but I was out for a 4 or 5 hours so I listened to a lot of them. One advantage of being slow, is I get to listen to more podcasts than most runners might.

For a great link to running podcasts, check out Nigels website runningpodcast.org
The best part was, my long runs passed by quickly. I don't like talking when I run but I like listening. It may be that they are just different so I enjoy the change, doesn't matter to me as it makes an already enjoyable long run more enjoyable.

If you haven't discovered podcasts, especially running podcasts, I have found them to be a joy and wish to thank all of those who produce them. I should probably figure out a way to post all of the ones I listen to, I know that I would love to see what others listen to.

So Podcasters, your work is appreciated and please keep up the great work...........

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gary said...

Hey - Thanks for stopping by and reading my post about running two marathons in 8 days. I see you've done some ultra running, so I think you might be in a better position than I to take on the challenge.

Also - I see that you've started to listen to podcasts... I just started putting out a podcast. It is on the running podcast directory or you can find it at my website, Endurance Base Camp


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