Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not running......

I gave myself the week off to heal up and because the time schedule wasn't going to work out too well so I figured a bit time of time off would work for both the mind and the body. The pain is mostly gone when I am walking, a few twinges on stairs. So I plan to try and run tomorrow, schedule permitting which will probably be a problem. I have ruled out Stillwater as I am not in marathon shape, hold it, even without the time off I wasn't in marathon shape :-).

First, I have to gloat a bit about my daughter who graduated from college this past weekend. My wife and I are so proud of her. When she went off to college we knew she had the aptitude to do well and an attitude that might have prevented that. She matured each year and kept at it. She managed to balance the scholastic and social and finished up graduating magna cum laude with a degree in social work in the parent mandated 4 years. Fabulous work daughter, now you just need some luck on the job front.

Second, Wayne has fixed me up with a whole bunch of e-Gel (thank you Wayne and good luck at Superior, don't worry I won't be joining you). I want to try it out but will wait until I run longer over the weekend as I want to see if I can eat it and keep it down with no stomach issues. That will be the first test, the second test will be to repeat the test by using it in a marathon with success. Steve L. also mentioned in a comment awhile back that he carries his fluids in a bottle to maintain an understanding of his fluid intake. I used to do that but when I switched to the Nathan I quit carrying a bottle. I think I will follow his advice and carry a bottle but I plan to wear the Nathan and will simply fill it up as I run, that way I can continue with my clif shot or e-gel electrolyte and keep track up of the fluids. Heck, I blame not carrying the bottle as the reason I fell and hurt the hand/wrist. I used to fall and land on my hand but the bottle would hit and pop out of my hand basically absorbing the fall or at least that's my theory.

Last, I am still thinking maybe for Minneapolis at the end of the month. Swan Lake is committed for the 2nd Sunday in June and Minneapolis would provide a nice final long run, so my thinking is, find the time to run during the remainder of the week, run 13 or more on a long run over the weekend and see if it all holds together. I then have 2 weeks to get in additional long runs and then either run the marathon or get in a 20+ mile final long run, then taper for a week, run Swan Lake, take a couple weeks to recover and run Afton. If the foot/ankle doesn't hold together I will back off of Minneapolis and just work towards Swan Lake. Either way, I think I have something that looks like a plan.


Wayne said...

Lots of good news: you're healing up, a college graduation - congrats to your daughter and to you and your wife as well, and you have something that looks like a plan! :)

Londell said...

Rest well... I hate to say it but as I read, makes me think of last fall for me... Those 14 weeks of no running really made a differance. But then again, I am having Plantar Fascia issues as well as right knee pain. Keep happy and it is a great feeling to know when we succeed as a parent!


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