Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Running update and a book review????

I am making progress just not real fast progress. I was sick over the weekend so the long run was put off. I decided to take a 1/2 day off and run 13 miles with Ky today, what a nice day, almost felt like summer :-). Things didn't work out for either of us, we stopped after 6 miles, my right ankle/foot/achilles was tight the whole way. Although I did discover some good news, I am pretty sure it's not the achilles nor is it the foot or the ankle. I am about 90% convinced its the calf muscle right at the achilles. After the run as I was moving it all around and all seemed ok except when I felt around the upper achilles and that was definitely a tender spot. I tore it years ago right in the same location and had thought it was a thing of the past. The past may have returned. I did go back out later in the afternoon with the thought of getting in the additional miles, good thought, bad reality. It was still too tight and hurt pretty much on every step.

So time to stretch, ice and ramp the mileage. I am about 90% sure that Minneapolis is out but am withholding a final decision until after this weekend. By then I will know my daughters soccer schedule for that weekend and will have a few more data points to think about.

On a non-running front, I am reading a few books. I am incapable of doing a Steve Q. analysis but I may post my thoughts. One of the books is the Paleo diet, I picked it up at the library, what a great library system we have in Dakota County and within the state of MN. My initial thoughts on it is that it does make a degree of sense except I don't eat that much meat which would be a problem along with the fact that dairy and pasta would be out. probably not good. I will finish it up over the next day or two and post my final thoughts, I do know the diet that I think makes the most sense is the Mediterranean diet.

Another book, which I do plan to review is called "Running with the Devil" which I received a free copy of based on the fact that I would post about it. I am happy to give anyone a plug who wants to provide samples (thinking Vasque, North Face, Clif Shot, BodyGlide and many many more products). My plan is to read it over Memorial Day and post about it then.

Here is the info they sent out,

RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL" by Jamie Freveletti, a runner (she competed at the Masters Indoor Championships in the 3000m last month), ultramarathon crew member, and trial lawyer.

about the author www.JamieFreveletti.com
about the book http://www.harpercollins.com/books/9780061684227/Running_from_the_Devil/index.aspx

New York Times bestselling author Lee Child called RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL "Just terrific."

A race against evil . . .

Emma Caldridge, a chemist for a cosmetics company, is en route from Miami to Bogotá when her plane is hijacked and spins out of control into the mountains near the Venezuelan border. Thrown unhurt from the wreckage, she can do nothing but watch as guerrillas take the other passengers hostage. An endurance marathon runner, Emma silently trails the guerrillas and their captives, using her athletic prowess and scientific knowledge to stay alive. Those skills become essential when she discovers an injured passenger, secret government agent Cameron Sumner, separated from the group. Together they follow the hostages, staying one step ahead by staying one step behind. Meanwhile, as news of the hijacking breaks in Washington, the Department of Defense turns to Edward Banner, former military officer and current CEO of a security consulting firm, for help. Banner quickly sends a special task force to the crash site, intent on locating the survivors before it’s too late. But finding Emma and Sumner is only the beginning, as Banner starts to realize that Emma was on a personal mission when the plane went down. There is more to the beautiful, talented biochemist than anyone ever imagined, for in her possession is a volatile biological weapon in an ingenious disguise, one that her enemies have se
t for auction to the highest bidder.


SteveQ said...

When I read the Paleo Diet, I too thought it made some interesting points, though it then went in weird directions with those points. Mediterranean is one of the diets I back, the other is Okinawan. Check out The Okninawan Diet Plan; it's almost the opposite of Paleo!

Londell said...

Hey, glad you are resting and analyzing things... Monday is a Holiday... Intested in dragging a fat ass on a 2 hour run Monday morning?


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