Monday, May 25, 2009

Fueling update......

Saturday, I carried Clif Shot electrolyte in a bottle and in my Nathan and I tried an e-Gel in the flask. Hard to get down but since it was diluted in water I did get it down. No issues but we were only out for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I do think if I am going to do gels, I would need to go back to water. My fear is that they will shock my system as I am not sure if I can regulate them properly. I think the flask should help as it reduces the mess of the packets.

Sunday went short (6 miles) and only drank water.

Today, ran 12, the first 6 with Londell and the second 6 with Londell and Shelly, just drank my Clif Shot electrolyte but did carry it in a bottle as well as the Nathan to make sure I was drinking enough. Londell set an initial pace which was hard for me, HR was around 140. The achilles held during it so I was ok with it, it just showed that I do have a ways to go to get back some speed and endurance. The 2nd 6 miles we slowed a bit, HR dropped to lower 130's. The achilles got tight when I tried to push it at the end so I just backed off. Felt ok afterwards, tomorrow will tell.

The nice part about the weekend is that I did get in 31 miles and I am still walking. Sure beats out the 22 miles the previous 3 weeks where each run basically just hurt.

I also found the following post on gels on a blog called RunnerDude's. In taking a quick scan, it looks like he has a nice blog with some decent information.

So as to fueling update, nothing much to report, I do think that the advice I got from Adam, Kel, Steve, Wayne, Londell and others makes the most sense. Here is my summary of your advice; Drink and eat what you can, do it early and don't freak about it.


Wayne said...

Hey Mike - glad to hear you got in some good miles and they didn't hurt! Cranksports does say take water with the gel and not sports drink (I think they say you should have 16oz of water per packet in your system). I just hope you can reach some consensus with the tests. Keep at it!

Londell said...

Thanks for saying I pushed it... I was more concerned about boring you with a slower pace. I felt great during the run. Today, the right knee is such I can hardly walk...


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