Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sort of running again?

I mentioned in my last post that I thought I was back on track physically but I may have been a bit premature as I have struggled with my recent runs.

I ran last Friday and had to abort after 3 miles. I figured it was normal post race first run pain. My major pain was from the right ankle/Achilles/foot area, it felt pounded and produced sporadic sharp pain. I ran Saturday with Karyn, thinking 13 miles, I was tight from the start and just seemed to get tighter, the last 4 miles were not very enjoyable. I iced it afterward which for me is not a good thing. I hate ice.

Took Sunday and Monday off, ran today or should I say hobbled. I felt better, no pain on every step but the right leg is still not right. I am way too tight all the way into the lower back. My Achilles is what will generate sharp pain along with the ankle and the heel where the Achilles attaches. The small uphills in Lebanon Hills didn't seem so small and I had to either walk or kind of go up sideways to avoid sharp Achilles pain.

My only problem is I am not sure how I injured it. I know at Chippewa I rolled both ankles and I also took a misstep into a hole with the right which did seem to torque it. At the time, I just kept running and eventually laced it tighter as I had other issues that were requiring my attention so I kind of forgot about it. After Chippewa, I walked around and I figured it was just normal post race tenderness. No major swelling, just tender when I walked up/down and changed directions.

Just what I didn't need, another thing to slow me down and get me off of a consistent training plan. Oh well, this will heal given time, so I will wrap it, ice it, stretch and I will just try to show some patience.

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Londell said...

Muscle tightness? Sounds much of what i felt last Auagust with the back pains and etc... I do not have answers. Just keep your head up.


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