Monday, October 26, 2009

STM Forecast, Facebook, Twitter?

Less than 5 days out, here is the latest forecast for Surf the Murph
Saturday, Oct 31
High: 49 °F RealFeel®: 39 °F
Breezy and colder with clouds breaking for some sun

Saturday Night, Oct 31
Low: 34 °F RealFeel®: 23 °F
Partly cloudy

They are saying that the overnight low on Friday will be 44 (high of 60) and except for the fact that they say it will be windy with rain and drizzle it looks like a decent temp for the race start. I added Saturday night as I am pretty sure I will experience a bit of it and it looks ok.

Now about Facebook and Twitter, Ok, I admit it I am getting old and this must confirm it, I don't get Facebook and Twitter.

A while back, I set-up a account on Facebook, looked around and deactivated it. Am I missing something, should I give it another try? I only checked it out as a blog I used to enjoy reading Runalong with Pastor Mark, said goodbye to blogosphere and hello to facebook. In a comment he made concerning his decision, he stated "For now I'm going with the conversation of FB over the monologue of blogging".

Maybe, I am just better at monologue than conversation. Is that my real issue with FB? Why would I want to share info about myself? I am a fairly private person (especially at first contact), non-social, not outgoing, introvert, non group person. Yet I have a blog? I think I have it because it allows me to document my running. As I original said as I have gotten older, I tend to forget the details of past running issues and it's good to have an accurate account that I can look back at. So for the most part my blog is only about my running. When I started it I never gave much of a thought to if anyone would read it. Although I have to admit I do like getting comments. In person, I can and do talk but mostly only about things I care about, am I that shallow or do I just lack the skills of smalltalk? Maybe I will leave that for another day.

Wayne mentioned to me that many in the local ultra community have Facebook accounts, my wife and daughters have Facebook accounts. What am I missing?

I signed up for a Twitter account I think to follow DirtDawg's 100 mile event. I have yet to post any random things about myself as why would anyone want to know what I am doing 140 characters at a time? What am I missing?

Maybe I should just reactivate my FB account and give it another try, maybe I should send out a tweet, then again maybe I should just maintain my current status quo? If anyone reads this and wants to educate me, feel free to post a comment or drop me a note.


wildknits said...

Thanks for the weather updates - looking much grimmer for up north so I can be happy I am heading south for a race ;->

No idea why anyone would want to twitter! As far as Facebook - have the account, post semi-regularly, allow few friends (you can set the privacy barriers very high = can't find me unless you are a "friend". Not a bad idea when you work with the public or like your privacy) and consider dropping it from time to time.

That said - Facebook is one more way to stay connected to folks I do not see regularly but with whom I want to maintain a relationship. It is a tool for communication and costs less than a stamp and allows for some give and take and the sharing of photos.

See you at Surf the Murph!

Londell said...

I avoid both. I have a busy life and what I find with others on facebook is that once on, they are spending a great deal of time answering many conversations and they find it really a burden after time. Like having 6 phones and answering them all at once and keeping conversations going. And when one hangs up, another beeped in. One friend dumped it as it started to consume his life. Twitter... It has its place like race results and etc... but I want a little more privacy in my life as opposed to telling someone what I think or do all the time. Like right now, I am going to go to the bathroom and not take my twitter with me...

I doubt I will ever do either. But I said that about texting and my girlfriend texts more than calls and I hate it... but she would get mad if I called to answer a text... I am old school, whatever happened to talking and writing more than short sentences from a keypad the size of a matchbook?

So you are not alone...

Wayne said...

Hey Mike and Londell - I'll be your facebook friend. And I'll text and/or email you all day long. Just don't call me. If they took out the voice part of my 'phone' I'm not sure I'd notice. :)

Enough of this crazy talk - see you Sat!!

Karen G said...

I never thought I would like facebook but my sis in law kept sending me e-mails to join. Now I really like it- There is absoutley no need to do anything or comment or write anything unless you want to- you get alot of info without putting out much effort.
I like the weather forecast, hope it stays!!!


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