Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surf the Murph forecast update

7 days out, I haven't started to freak out but I am giving a lot of thought to the logistics you know fuel, clothing, shoes, strategy, etc... more on that later. There is an interesting change to the forecast,

Not as cool with rain
Low: 42 °F
High: 54 °F

Change since last update, low and high temp forecast up 14 degrees and a change from mostly cloudy to rain. Stay tuned as I am sure within a few more days it will change :-)


Londell said...

No matter what you will have great aid station support and with Wayne and Karen, should be fun! Excited to see you finish the 50!

Karen G said...

Are you kidding with that weather report? That is a definite big change.
I was out at Murph saturday, I kept taking wrong turns. I forgot everything I was going to remember from Thursday.

RunWesty said...

Karen, turns out they were kidding, they have already changed it twice since I got this one. Both of the updated forecasts said colder and one said rain and the other says sunny. I am pretty sure it will change a few more times, see yo on Saturday.


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