Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surf the Murph Weather Update

Wayne commented that I must be working on my taper since I started posting about the weather, well he is kind of right. Why "kind of", well you see I have always struggled with what to do during and exactly how to taper.

So this time knowing that I had no more long runs scheduled and that I was 2 weeks out from my first 50 miler, what did I choose to do but of course work on my speed. I went out to Lebanon Hills last Thursday and I thought I pushed the pace just a bit, I looked at my splits and said guess not, So on Saturday I went out and since I was feeling good I did push the pace, you see I was irritated that on Thursday what seemed faster wasn't. Turned out, it was my fastest time on my 6 mile loop by quite a bit. At least 8 minutes faster than normal. So what did it do for me, well, when I went out on Sunday for my last 20 miler, that nice hard run allowed me to change it to a 13 mile run. Why because I now had a very sore achilles and a fairly sore hamstring and a couple of other issues which I won't go into. Yes I was tapering just fine.

So last night I went for a run, you know a night run, check out the lights, get a feel for running as dusk turns into night. Again I felt pretty good so I decided to push it, after tripping a few times and almost rolling my an ankle what did I do for the last mile? Of course I decided to run it harder yet. Ok, reminder to self, taper means "do no harm", "don't be stupid", "it's too late", "relax and take it easy". So after 3 good runs and a lousy long run, I think it's time that I take it slower and try to actually taper before I do something really stupid.

Now about that weather forecast, here is the latest from Accuweather.

Mostly Cloudy
Mostly cloudy
Low: 28 °F
High: 38 °F

Changes from the first forecast, 7 degrees colder and chance of rain removed. They are calling for rain the 3 days ahead of the race and snow the day after. Of course, let's wait a few more days as I am sure it will change again.


Londell said...

OK, only one week so we can still expect a variation of 40 degrees from that estimate? Rest well!

donna said...

Rest up! Good Luck--you are going to do great!! Cannot wait for the race report:)


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