Monday, February 1, 2010

Running songs 1

I like to listen to music to get me going as I head out to run but I have to admit, music for more than an hour while running bugs me. Since I am sure the music I listen to will never be heard by the current generation of youngsters (like my daughters), I have decided to occasionally post the songs I like to listen to while running or while heading to a race to get my energy going. Since I have a lot of songs I will post 2 or 3 every so often.

Before I get to the songs, I need to insert the following disclaimer:
When I post a song I usually check the lyrics but I may not always do so, so be aware that like many folks it's the main chorus I focus on or maybe just a line or two in the song, not all of the lyrics, so please do not hold me accountable for any lyrics that offend or seem inappropriate in any way but you may hold me accountable if you happen to like any of the songs.

The first song is from a band my wife and I have enjoyed through the years and this song in particular seems appropriate for today's times when folks want to take the easy way out. The bottom line is that it pretty much captures my beliefs. The band is Sawyer Brown and the song is "Dirt Road"

The second song is from John Mellencamp (a fellow Hoosier from the town of Seymour, just south of my hometown) and it's a song that if I am struggling on a run, I love to hear it as it always gets me moving again. The song is called "I'm not running anymore", take a listen. The majority of the lyrics don't apply but if you are hitting a wall, you might get a smile over the chorus at least I do.

The third song, is a song I have always found helps get me energized and it reflects what I like to think we all do when we run marathons and beyond. It came out when I was in college and the name of the band is Molly Hatchet and the song is called "Flirtin with Disaster". I should add that this version is from 1979 so the audio is not the best but the more current version is from a later incarnation of the band and unless you want to feel old, you may not want to look at it, just in case here is a link.

Hope you enjoy but don't worry if you don't I will.

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Londell said...

Sorry, only Molly will do it for me on a run, the others are great, but can not run to them...


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