Sunday, February 21, 2010

Running trails, winter

It appears that I have a camera that works for taking pictures so I decided to take a couple while on a run in Lebanon Hills yesterday. I think they turned out ok, so I will plan on carrying my phone when I run and if something interesting pops up, I will have no excuse not to stop and take a picture.

Not sure if the pictures give you a feel or not of what it's like to run the trails in Minnesota this time of year but hopefully they do at least a little bit. These are great running trails in the summer and tolerable for winter running after the snowshoers/runners/hikers get it nice and packed down, otherwise they require a bit of work in the wintertime. Of course when the snow is fresh the trails are great for snowshoeing even though I enjoy running a whole lot more.


wildknits said...

Looks lovely! I will be heading down there to the Cities in a week or two, if the weather holds (ie: no big snowfalls just prior to the weekend) that may be the place to run!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Don said...

Love those winter shots. I haven't been running on trails this winter - maybe I'd better rethink that.

Wayne said...

I've totally gotten out of picture-taking mode, but if I can get Rick back in the game and you start taking them then I won't have to worry about it. :)


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