Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 events - final decisions

I just saw that two races I am planning on doing have opened their registration so if you want to run Afton or Superior (fall events) sign up now.

So it is decision time, Wayne and Karen have been telling me I should join them in Illinois for McNaughton, I would love to do it but I am leaning towards doing Chippewa. Here is my current thinking for both,

Reasons to run Chippewa
1. Streak - I have done Chippewa the first two years, this will make 3 in a row.
2. Cost - Chippewa $55 and no hotel required. McNaughton - $80, could pitch a tent
3. Last year - I made a wrong turn, injured a foot and basically got my butt kicked, I want revenge or at least another crack at the course.
4. Surely the snow will be gone and my wife can run the 10k

Reasons to run McNaughton
1. It would click off Illinois as a state
2. Would be my 2nd 50 miler and I would have 30 some hours to complete it
3. It would mean I wouldn't hear about it from Wayne or Karen any longer
4. There shouldn't be snow at McNaughton, there might be at Chippewa

Other than the debate about Chippewa and McNaughton, the rest of the schedule is pretty locked in so I may as well get moving on it.
  • Chippewa 50k or McNaughton 50
  • Journeys Marathon
  • FANS 12 hour
  • Afton 50k
  • Turtle Trot Triathlon
  • Superior 50
  • Twin Cities Marathon
  • Surf the Murph 50
The only race I can't sign up for yet is Surf the Murph.

So time to finalize the decisions and start sending out the cash.


Londell said...

Heavy fall... But sounds like fun! (BTW - the word verification is "FOOKA", on the streets that may get one shot...

Matthew Patten said...

Hardcore schedule.

..Although, there is a road marathon in there. Don't fall too far off the wagon with that one.

Wayne said...

Not sure if I should really be on your list (am I worthy?), but maybe McNaughton would seem more appealing if you replaced #3 with "mud, creek crossings, and a rope to help you get up Golf Hill". And have I mentioned you may be the key to clinching the trip for me?? No pressure though. Btw did you run Chippewa that first year (if you could call that 'running')??


Mike said...

Wayne - (am I worthy?) - you are the trail person of the year, I am honored that you even run with me or want me to accompany you to an event. Yes, I did do Chippewa the first year in the snow.


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