Sunday, February 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

Today Karyn and I ran long around the lakes again (it was a really nice day, sunshine and I thought I saw a high of 37, yea, spring is on the way), she ran 18 miles and I added one more mile for 19. When we got done with 18 miles, I felt ok and I knew she would stretch out a bit and well, I don't. So I told her I was going to do a cool down mile. One day, I will get into stretching but thus far, I wait until injuries force me to do it and since I am healthy, I don't need to stretch, no comments are necessary on this :-). I did end up un-retiring my VST's as I had them on and they seemed comfortable and I knew I was wearing different socks so I didn't want to change two things at once. Granted I did have other shoes but they felt like they had another run (or maybe 2) left in them.

On Tuesday, I will be hosting the Runners Round Table again. This is a continuation of the last time I was on the show when we interviewed Jan and Joe from Marathon & Beyond. We decided we should have Joe back and he agreed, so join Albert, Lesley and myself at the round table as we interview Joe Henderson at 7:00 PM CST.

For the week, I hope to start getting balance in my running routine. I only ran 3 days last week and need to get to 5 if I am going to have any chance to improve this year. I posted weeks back about getting my act together in this domain and I have not succeeded thus far. It is a new week, so now is the time to begin.

I did set an all time high for mileage in February with 114 miles, outside of December (91) and January (113) this is one of my lowest mileage months. Do you see a trend for my lower mileage months? I think it is still safe to say that after 29 years in Minnesota, I am still adapting to winter. I can add a bit to that and say that no matter how long I live here, I doubt I will ever adapt as I still very strongly dislike cold, snow and the darkness of winter.

I have decided that FANS, Afton 50k, Turtle Trot Triathlon, Superior 50, TCM and Surf the Murph are givens. The only one that concerns me is Superior as I might not be able to complete 50 miles on that trail within their time limit, guess which one I am looking the most forward to. FANs will also be extremely hard on me mentally, I am doing it so that if I am struggling at Superior, I will think back to myself and say at least you aren't circling Nokomis. The only question about FANs is how many miles can I do, the 12 hours shouldn't be a problem. So I will be signing up for those, now I just need to finalize Chippewa, please start melting snow. I also asked my wife about Journey's as although I would enjoy it, we could also run Lincoln or Rockford which would get me a state. She is planning on running the marathon so it will be her choice for which one to do.


Londell said...

Have a meeting so I will miss this round table. Do not worry about time at Superior, just look forward to the opportunity to try to tame the beast... I think I am going to start Yoga as i am so tight from not stretching.

Mike said...

Thanks for the encouragement concerning Superior. I have been told Yoga would help me as well but I too self conscious to attend a class. Besides I don't think I am that tight or at least I will continue to live in denial about it.

Christina said...

I'm behind on the Runners Round Table episodes and would like to listen to marathons and beyond.


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