Thursday, May 13, 2010

50 state map updated, what's next?

I have updated my 50 state map with Illinois and Nebraska which brings me to 12 down, 38 to go. The other thing, I accomplished with Lincoln was that it was my 40th marathon or beyond. I hope to get to 50 events by the end of next year.

So which state is next? Good question, you can see from my updated map that the easy states (meaning the ones close to Minnesota) are done and we will need to do some traveling to get in future states.

I have identified Michigan and Indiana on my map as under consideration as they are still possibilities for this year even though they aren't in my committed race plans. For Indiana it would have to be the Tecumseh Trail in December, for Michigan (and this is really improbable for 2010) it would probably be Grand Island (it may already be full) but there is also Grand Rapids except it would conflict with Wild Duluth and I would prefer to do a trail run in Michigan. My problem is if I do Tecumseh than would I still want to run Gnaw Bone? Ok, the truth would be I want to do both. They both are right near Nashville (the one in Indiana) and represent two areas, I used to frequent. Tecumseh is where I would go horse back running and Gnaw Bone runs right into Brown County state park. We used to go there on school field trips, I have taken my wife there, I would love to go back and run through it. It would be a great trip down memory lane.

Oh well, regardless of adding any more states it's time to really start figuring out the events I will do in those other 38 states and the years to do them.


Kel said...

I ran Grand Island Marathon last year and highly recommend it! Another trail marathon in Michigan is North Country near Manistee - I'm doing the 50 mile there this August.

Mike said...

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Mike W. said...

Thanks for the recommendations Kel, I remember your post about Grand Island which is why I want to do it, not sure it works out very good though on the race calendar, I will look forward to your report on North Country.


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