Friday, March 18, 2011

An interesting race ahead?

I am doing something I have never done before, I signed up for a race and my race time doesn't matter at all, matter of a fact I am pretty sure I might be last or DNF.

What am I talking about? Well I signed up for the Potawatomi 50 (old McNaughton) on April 9th, with the plan to help Wayne and Karen finish their 100's. So I will have 34 hours to finish just like they do except I am going to go 50 miles while they enjoy their 100's. My plan is to run the initial first couple of loops with them to ensure they go out slow (unfortunately, it probably won't be slow for me). Then I plan to run another loop during the day and maybe 2 loops with them during the night. Or I might run 2 loops at night and one more the next morning or I might run lap in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night and a couple the next day. I think you get the point. I might have been able to pace them without signing up but I wasn't sure it would be right to pace from the start, since most races don't allow that and this way I get the shirt and maybe another 50 mile belt buckle :-).

Basically, they will get to tell me what they want me to do as far as which loops to run and if they separate who to run with. There is one thing that I will need to control and that is I am only planning on doing 5 loops and at least 2 of those need to be a lot more walking than running. Although my training hasn't been great because of the ankle, I think I will be ok with the distance, now the hills at McNaughton and the creeks may cause some issues. But I know we will all be fine if the weather is ok and the trails aren't snow or mud covered as last year at McNaughton, I strained a calf and had to walk the final 2 1/2 loops which taught me that I can mostly walk a loop in 3 hours.

So it should be an interesting and fun day or two of running as they aren't stopping until they finish their 100's.


wildknits said...

Sounds you all have a great plan in place. Should be a fun trip! Have a few more CD's made up?

Mike said...

No doubt about it, I will make up a few CD's for the trip. I have a never ending supply of good 70's music :-).


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