Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs of Spring

Two things happened this week that tell me spring is about here. Yes the normal signs will soon arrive, you know, the flowers will bloom, the rains will arrive, the grass will start growing, the trees will bud and most important of all, the snow will melt and the trails will be easy to run on again.

But my first signs of spring arrived this week.

I drove barefoot for the first time this year. I love doing that, the last time I did it was probably in November.

The second thing, on today's run which wasn't that long of a run, just under 3 hours. I noticed when I got home that I got a sunburn on my face. Although when I think about it maybe it's a windburn. I just know that I look a little goofy as you can see the line from my hat across my forehead. Yet another advantage of not having hair, I sure hope it evens out over night.

Good news is that these are indisputable signs that spring has come to MN.

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crossn81 said...

And it rained overnight!!


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