Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 weeks and counting

Quick update, still not running.

Long update, still not running.

I was really discouraged last week and into the weekend. The ankle did not seem like it was getting any better. I am pretty tired of it but I am following the advice of the guy I am seeing for it. He has said if I can't walk without pain I shouldn't run. A concept that I have to admit has some degree of merit.

Last week played 2 softball games, not able to run to first without significant pain. I can't push off and accelerate at all. What  I end up doing is simply pushing through it and then hoping I don't have to run too far or stop to quickly. If it didn't hurt on the first steps I would say softball is making it worse but it hurts before and after, and the after doesn't seem to be that much different. Now my shoulder that's a different story, I hate rotator cuff pain and it's a big reason I didn't want to play last year. A year off hasn't helped oh well. I am better off than a buddy who broke his leg in 2 places sliding into second. I didn't see it as I was scoring but it's safe to say that a broken tibula and fibula plus 9 screws can't be good. Made my ankle pain seem pretty minor.

Over the weekend, the pain seemed to change when I was walking. On Monday I had it worked on again, it continued to feel better, Tuesday saw some additional progress (able to go up and down stairs almost pain free). Had another treatment today, where he did the Graston technique again but he focused on my achilles, heel and arch. It was not pleasant at times but no sharp pain. It just felt like he was rubbing me with a metal bar, oh yeah that is actually what he was doing.

He also did ART on the ankle but added a few additional movements that really didn't feel too good but I left with hope. I am thinking (ok hoping, praying) that in another day or so I will be able to walk without pain and then this weekend become a runner again.

I have pretty much abandoned any hope of doing any significant races this year. Chester Woods is out, Afton is fading. Basically any goals I had for this year are just not going to happen. After Afton, I haven't looked ahead, who knows, maybe I still shoot for TCM (I keep expecting it to close) and Surf the Murph. Not much of a running year but if I could do those two healthy that would be the way to go into winter. Now doesn't that thought just basically not settle very well at all. Oh well, first things first, walking without pain.

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wildknits said...

Westy I am much further out on the non-running front and conceding to probably no big races this summer and maybe into fall.

But, looking ahead - being healthy for years to come is the big goal.

If softball hurts maybe that needs to go as well. I know it is hard to quit on a team, but it is your health (I went through this with soccer - just had to walk away as couldn't even watch without wanting to be out there).


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