Thursday, May 5, 2011

Treatment update

Went in to get the ankle looked at, by a chiropractor near work who does Active Release Technique (thanks to those who sent me info on who they went to). He checked it out and thought that ART was a good idea and he also did the Graston Technique on it. He said many things concerning what he thought about my ankle, most of which means a few more visits to work on it more along with a slew of exercises.

Experienced some minor pain during the process except for one movement which he did that caused some pain, I was surprised a bit as I figured it would hurt more than it did. Then again, I am used to having it hurt. It felt ok during the day but it is really sore tonight, although it is different so maybe it's a good pain.

He did advise me that swimming would be a good choice right now for exercise, not sure what he meant by that :-). I mentioned running Afton and he didn't say it was a dumb idea although he did give me a funny look. Back on Monday for more.


Kel said...

Coming to Hyland tomorrow? It's tamer than Afton ;)

wildknits said...

Glad you are getting some work done. I had Graston as well as some deep tissue work on my leg (prior to the diagnosis of the stress fracture). It made an amazing difference! I was warned to ice the area a lot afterwards as the area would be inflamed after the work.

Maybe you should follow the advice and allow for a bit of healing?

I know, I know... tough words. But, just maybe it would be a good idea?

Mike said...

Lisa - I am following his advice at least for now. You are probably right, needed to ice it instead of playing softball. Will do that next time, maybe :-)

Kel - sorry I am not going to make it. Enjoy it.

wildknits said...

I like the maybe... understand the sentiment.

Get better - we both need to be out there to keep Rick and Wayne on task ;->


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