Monday, May 30, 2011

Running is getting back on track

I am becoming familiar with running again. I have now run 5 out of the last 8 days. I did back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday with my long run being 6 miles. To be fair, my running is not of great quality, meaning no speed and I take walking breaks whenever I think I need to. My thinking is that if I take it slow than I will be back to training for a longer race soon enough. I really do miss my long runs in Lebanon or Murphy and look forward to doing them in the coming months.

As to races for the year, right now I will only focus on possibly doing the Afton 25k. Since I have dropped  the last two years during the 50k at the 25k split it doesn't seem  to make sense to try and ramp to the 50k distance in a month. I did have a goal of entering it healthy which I think I can do for the 25k but for the 50k, I might be able to do it but I am pretty sure I shouldn't so it is definitely out.

One issue I still have is the inability to push off strong with the right ankle. When I try to sprint or accelerate I get pain of some sort. I feel it when I am sitting sometimes, it just feels like someone is pressing on the top of my foot right below the ankle or like you have a shoe with no padding and the laces are cutting into the top of the foot. This may be nothing more than something I need to work through by running and by continuing to make sure that the ankle is stronger and that I have full flexibility. I would like to say that I didn't have this pain before I started the ART and Graston treatments but I think the truth is I don't know if I did or not as the ankle was hurting elsewhere.

So for the moment, I continue one day at a time and hope to be back in decent running shape by the end of June.

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Wayne said...

yay! Glad to hear you're getting out and that it's going well.


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