Monday, May 23, 2011

I ran and am hopeful :-)

I went for a run on Sunday morning in Lebanon Hills. I only ran a total of 3 miles with no significant pain during the run. I used a run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute strategy to make sure I took it easy and I was ready to flip the ratios or modify the ratios if issues developed but none really did. I did have knee pain which has happened to me at the start of many runs ever since I had knee surgery years ago. It was a delightful pain to feel knee pain versus ankle pain.

I delayed posting for a day in order to see what the ankle felt like a day later. Well, the answer is, I think ok. The ankle was a bit tender after the run but not really painful. So tomorrow I will try to run after work and see how it goes but as of today I am hopeful.


wildknits said...


I hope this is the start of a healing trend and you will be able to string more runs together.

Wayne said...

hopeful is good!!


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