Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calf update

This morning, I had an appointment for my ankle, it was supposed to be a 3 week check up. I debated cancelling the appointment as my ankle is doing great, no pain and seems to be getting stronger each day. On the other hand, my calf has been a huge nuisance so I kept the appointment and had the Doctor examine the calf.

I now completely and fully understand the pain that Active Release Technique (ART) can bring to someone. I was in tears as he worked on the calf, he isolated my injured area almost immediately (think caused me pain). After the initial injury isolation he continued to work on it he caused me major pain, as in the tears I mentioned above. He then continued to work on it even more and he said I should be at a 5 or 6 on the pain scale but if I get to an 8 (on a 10 point scale) to let him know. He blew through my 8 and hit a 10, all I could do was let out a groan. He backed off a bit, then finished the treatment and said I should come back for one more next week so I headed into work. What a great way to start the day.

After work, I ran with Wayne and Karen, we went almost 6 miles and I had no pain from the calf, some tightness but no pain, it is the first time since Superior that I felt like a real bona fide runner, so I am very hopeful.. So perhaps after 9+ months of hobbling my way through runs my pain can soon be over, I sure hope so.

So if someone tells you ART can hurt they would be right but with a healthy ankle and a calf that seems to have responded, suffice to say I am a believer in it and hopefully soon, I will truly feel and actually be a real runner again..

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wildknits said...

Glad to hear you are well on the road to full healing.

Ah - the joys of Active Release!


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