Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great run in Lebanon Hills

Ran in the far western section of Lebanon Hills tonight, it was a deer fly free run, sweet!!!!!. I always run this section of the park when the deer flies come out, the hiking trail is only about 2.5 miles around the outer loop but it is the hilliest section of the park and fairly enjoyable to run an out and back loop. I never do run on the mt. bike trails as the park is a single use trail system and besides  there are too many bikes to mess with.
And for me it was a great run. No, not my physical effort that was fairly pathetic based on time but the mental aspect was fabulous, it was around 92 when I went out and still a bit humid and if felt absolutely wonderful to be sweating with no concern about it freezing to my clothing. I will take 90 over -10 any day of the year. I could live with this weather for a few more weeks, no make that a month or two and to have no deer flies attacking me, now that was a nice bonus.

I also had no calf pain, unbelievable that one ART treatment has helped that much. What's funny though is that earlier today I noticed some ankle pain, nothing to be worried about just another sign that the calf is doing better and my mind moves to the points of my body that have pain. On tonight's run it was my knee that had some twinges, what a wonderful type of pain.

So I think it is almost time to try to get myself back in running shape by easing my way back into becoming a long distance runner again.


wildknits said...

Yippee on the good run! Though I was quite happy for the temps to drop into the 70's for my run tonight. Ready for a break in the weather and a return to "normal" temps.

Deer flies.... UGH!

Eric Schotz said...

Sounds like a great run.

I'm encouraged to hear you write about deer fly free running . I just moved to the Twin Cities a week ago and ran in Leb Hills East section last night to check it out and had the constant swarm of deer flies. I was able to tune it out mostly (need to wear a hat next time).

What is the season for deer flies in MN? When did you first have them this year?

I do trail and road ultras so I'll read some of your older posts as it looks like you are into the same.

Wayne said...

sounds like we need to hit the western section tomorrow night!

Mike W. said...

Thanks Lisa,

Wayne definitely go for the western section, the center section isn't too bad either just not enough trails to run unless of course you go on the horse trails.

Eric welcome to the cities, Deer fly season usually lasts around 4 to 6 weeks. In Lebanon the eastern section is by far the worst, the western section is the best. Hope to see you on the trails.


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