Monday, July 11, 2011

Minimalist Running Update

As I continue my path to adding miles with a more minimalist shoe, I have of course been doing a bit of research to find out what is out there on the subject.

First though, for me, I am easing into minimalist running with a once a week run of 3 miles (or at least every 10 days for sure) in my Saucony Peregrines. I have noticed no issues but with my calf still hurting it's hard to tell for sure but it seems that when on trails I land pretty much mid or flat footed since I have yet to notice my heel hitting. I am hopeful that soon the calf issue will be behind me and I can get a better test of the shoes. One thing that I should mention is that the calf doesn't bug me anymore with the minimalist shoes, not sure what if anything that means. For those not familiar with the Peregrines they are a like a beginners guide to minimalist running so they aren't that extreme.

If you are looking for information on minimalist running here are couple of links I came across. The first link is to website called "The Minimalist Runner", lots of good info, mostly shoe reviews with a handful of other articles. I also found this website called ZeroDrop, it's fairly good as well. If you want shoe info check out this link on "Minimalist and Barefoot shoe guide" or this link from the minimalist runner, "Shoe Matrix and Shopping Guide".

Here is a link to really good review from The Minimalist Runner on the Saucony Peregrines or take a listen to the short video from an iRunFar review of the Saucony Peregrines

Along with a video on comparing minimalist shoes with "standard" shoes.

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Anonymous said...

I started running in vibrams 3 years ago after seeing Keith do the 50 at superior in them Afton was my first race in them and elly and I may have been close to last but we did finish. my planters facites and her it issues have gone away I was up to the most supportive show new balance had without improvment but no support seems to be the trick for me shoes now seem to cause issues my feet still need shoes on some trails as i still am not tough enough but time will tell good luck nice seeing you steve l


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