Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Re-cap

2011 is behind me which is ok with me. No marathons, no ultras and for races only a 5 miler, a 1/2 marathon, a 25k and a sprint tri. I was able to volunteer at a couple of events and really enjoyed helping out so much, that if I was smart I might just retire and become a full time volunteer but no need to worry I am not smart enough to do that :-).

I did learn that running through injuries doesn't work and that sometimes you do need to seek medical assistance and it does pay to follow their advice. That is my one big lesson from 2011, if you have an injury you need to deal with it. I failed to do that in the fall of 2010 and ultimately lost out on most of 2011.

I also rediscovered running shorter distances which allowed me to get in more runs each week and to focus  on different type of workouts (speed, repeats or hills and occasionally just a short recovery run). Later in the year, I started to transition to minimalist running with my VFF's which I plan to continue into 2012. The good news is that I learned a lot (I think) and ended the year running relatively pain free so I am looking forward to some successful events in 2012, more on that later.

There were a couple interesting statistical things that showed up.

Average run distance was down (5.95 vs 8.8) , yet days run/week (3.15 vs 2.92) was up
Mileage down for the year (975 vs 1338), yet days run (164 vs 152) up for the year
May in 2010 was my high mileage (168) for the year, May in 2011 was my low mileage (20) for the year
Set all time mileage for December at 95 miles, it's my statistical lowest mileage month
Consecutive days without a run - 19 days

Here is my summary:
2011 miles - 975 miles
High mileage month - March, 122 miles
Low mileage month - May, 20 miles 
Weekly Avg. - 18.75 miles
Longest run - 40 miles

Average run - 5.95 miles
Consecutive days - 6
Max days run in a week - 6

Average days run/week - 3.15
Total days run this year - 164

Weekday runs - 31.5% of available days
Weekend runs - 76.4% of available days

Events Participated in
April 9th - McNaughton 50 - dropped at 40 miles
July 16th - Turtle Trot Triathlon

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Wayne said...

cool re-cap... I should do the same calculations for my year. and your McNaughton 50 gets an asterisk - definitely not your normal race as you sacrificed your run to help a couple friends with their goals! here's to a great 2012 as you enter it healthy!


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