Monday, January 16, 2012

Facing Reality

What is my reality, it's the realization that I was heading down the path that some say might indicate that I am suffering from training insanity. Why training insanity, well based on this definition: "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results" that is indeed my current training path. What's going on that causes me to say this, well.

I want to have a healthy successful running year in 2012 and finish 2 or 3 50 mile events, a couple of 50ks and maybe a marathon or two. What I have done to ensure success? I went out for a few runs, did no cross training, core (stability) or flexibility. So what's going on? I am extremely tight and have struggled on my last 2 attempts for longer runs. I went into them feeling a bit beat up, my calf was tight which took miles to loosen up which led to my lower back tightening up. Which led me to say, what the @#X@ is going on and what am I doing?

So since I believe in the saying, "a goal without a plan and action is nothing but a daydream". I obviously need a new plan that I take action off of.

I should mention a few other reality issues. I am switching jobs, same company just a new role with a new boss, so I am winding down my old job and getting started with my new one during January. Plus I am volunteering at AVHS for their robotics program, it's just an extra few (think up to 8 hours) out of my week. I have also noticed that when I do have a run that feels good, it seems to leave me drained on my next run with tired legs and low energy so either it's age catching up with poor training or something else going on.

My current thinking is that Zumbro will be out and so will Chippewa if I can't get into a balanced training program that includes core, flexibility and runs that serve a purpose. If I proceed without making changes and insist on beating myself up, I will end up injured, hobbled or will burn out.

So what's all of this mean, well here is the new basic plan

  • Monday - Core & stretching
  • Tuesday - Run - 3 to 5 miles
  • Wednesday - Core plus stretching if recovered then maybe Run - 3 to 5 miles
  • Thursday - Run 4 to 7 miles
  • Friday - Core & Stretching
  • Saturday - Run - 5 to 10 miles
  • Sunday - Run 10 to 20 miles 
I know for some you might think I should be more specific but if I simply get started on core and flexibility and make it my routine, that would be huge for me and might be just enough to help me turn the corner on what is holding me back.

So I will work on stretching and core starting tomorrow and then see if I can follow this schedule for two weeks. If I need to adjust the time of day when I run or stretch or work on core, then I will need to do that. If I am successful (schedule adherence with decent results), then I will talk about my other goals for the year and who knows maybe Zumbro and/or Chippewa will still happen, if not, then I need to say no to my daydream and  focus on something else for this year.

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