Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working my way back

Since my last post I took 10 days off with no running and then this past week resumed my running. I got in 3 runs over the last 6 days, so I am on my way back.

I did accomplish partly what I wanted to do with the time off, I worked on core and stretching. I also was able to focus my energy on my transition at work and on supporting the robotics mentoring. So my overload is feeling a little lighter and my body is feeling better. I finish up the job transition this week and it will be nice to be able to work only one job soon. The mentoring will continue for the next 3 weeks but I think we can get the work done just meeting 3 days a week. Meanwhile I will continue with the stretching and core work and mapping out my training with an eye towards Chippewa, Afton and then Superior.

I had hoped during my 10 days off to figure out ways to cross train beyond just core, strength and stretching and I have come up with a few ideas that hopefully I will execute on this week. One idea is to power walk on a treadmill at say 6 to 10% incline. I mentally can't run on one so maybe I can walk. I also can ride the exercise bike or XC ski machine or simply get in a few power walks outside (it's probably my ego that prevents this more than anything else that and I love to run). My wife is also working to convince me go to her body sculpting session at Jazzercise. Not quite there yet (yes, it might be the ego again)

My runs this week were my normal easing back into running. On Wednesday, I ran 3 miles, Saturday 6 and today 9. I was a little sore after Saturdays run but it was a good kind of sore. No calf or back pain on any of the runs so the core stuff and stretching must be helping.

For this week, I will try to get in 4 days of running with a longer run of say 3 hours on the weekend. I haven't completely ruled out Zumbro but I am not sure I can get into shape for an easy (meaning slow) 50 mile event as its now just 11 weeks away.

I plan to take it one week at a time and see how things go as my goal for this year is to return to Superior in shape and healthy and to finish out the 50 miler.

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