Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 races

I would like to say that I have given a lot of thought to the races I am going to do this year and how each one connects together to accomplish something significant but alas, my goal is simply to run a few races, staying healthy and to enjoy myself.

Zumbro 50 - about 60% there mentally, about 10% physically, good thing ultras are mind over body.
Chippewa 50k - Signed up, just need to get to the start line
Afton 50k - That's the plan but I did enjoy volunteering last year
Turtle Trot Triathlon - An annual tradition
Superior 50 - I need to finish it
Surf the Murph 50k or 50 - depends on the other races
Rails to Trails Marathon - fun running the 1/2 last year
Tecumseh Trail Marathon - this might be the year to click off Indiana

A couple of other races might pop up depending on our vacation and college plans and if I can stay healthy but between Chippewa and Afton and Superior we will be focusing on our baby girls high school graduation and getting her off to college. So no additional running plans will be made until everything has been figured out and all of the dates become clear. We also hope to do a few local 5k to 1/2 marathons too.

Not to get ahead of myself but I did have a few thoughts for 2013:

Run my 13th Grandmas
Runs 13 marathons or ultras
Maybe even toe the line at a 100 mile event

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